Talking about the development of new energy-saving and low-carbon hardware doors and windows

In the next 30 years,40 billion square meters of new buildings will be built.The major door,window and curtain wall merchants began to pay attention to the needs of consumers to change,

The future development of aluminum alloy doors, windows and curtain walls

With the rapid development of my country's construction industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards,aluminum alloy doors,windows and curtain walls have been widely recognized as an important organic part of buildings.

New energy-saving hardware doors and windows will be needed in the future

In the next 30 years,4 billion square meters of new buildings will be built.Businessmen of doors,windows and curtain walls began to pay attention to the needs of consumers,major changes in innovative thinking,

Aluminum prices continue to rise, the "spring" of the aluminum market is coming?

For a long time,overcapacity and weak demand have almost become synonymous with aluminum,and many investors have been discouraged by its own fundamentals,but the"spring"of the aluminum market seems to be coming.

The door and window industry has entered the era of integrated marketing mode

In the first half of 2014,China's real estate market continued to decline,which affected the development of door and window enterprises to a certain extent.Rising costs,homogeneous products and frequent price wars have caused many door and window companies to fall into a"downturn".

Green building materials may start the "green gold decade"

Since the beginning of the new century,China's building materials industry has made remarkable achievements,which is widely praised as the"Golden Decade"in the industry.And when the prosperity comes to an end,we seem to have come to a crossroads again.

My country's aluminum alloy surface protection technology research work has achieved breakthrough progress

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has learned that the research on the surface protection technology of aluminum alloys in my country(the entry"aluminum alloy"is provided by the Encyclopedia of the Industry)has made progress.

A 22-month transition period will be set for the renewal of the qualification certificate of construction enterprises

According to the"Construction Industry Enterprise Qualification Management Regulations"and the Provincial Housing and Urban-rural Development Department's"Construction Industry Enterprise Qualification Management Regulations and Qualification Standards

China's aluminum output growth puts pressure on international aluminum prices

India's"Business Standard"reported on January 26 that Ansuman Das,chairman of India's National Aluminium Company(National Aluminium Company),said that the continuous growth of China's primary aluminum production is a major factor depressing international aluminum prices;

Energy saving and consumption reduction to realize the harmonious development of the aluminum industry and the environment

In recent years,China's economy is shifting from the"high input,high energy consumption,high pollution,and low output"model to the"low input,low energy consumption,low pollution,and high output"model;energy conservation,emission reduction,

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