Talking about the development of new energy-saving and low-carbon hardware doors and windows


  In the next 30 years,40 billion square meters of new buildings will be built.The major door,window and curtain wall merchants began to pay attention to the needs of consumers to change,and constantly innovated their ideas,trying to keep up with or even invent the prevalence of curtain wall consumption.Building energy saving has become a household name,and the market is hot.Energy-saving products such as aluminum-wood composite doors and windows,solid wood doors and windows,system doors and windows are hot in the market.,Low-E glass,etc.,are also increasingly favored by local consumers and dealers.
  Hardware doors,windows and curtain walls need to be diversified and personalized
  The untouched and stagnant space has quietly disappeared,and consumers are no longer satisfied with a general space.Even the more rigid and cautious work content needs to be supported by a more relaxed and pleasant environment with rich colors.The dull dark curtain wall was gradually closed,and a variety of bright colors such as white,yellow,blue,green and red became the mainstream.In order to join the main force of white-collar workers born in the 1980s,more and more curtain wall brands have begun to seek breakthroughs.For example,some curtain wall manufacturers have used the idea of​​"changing the shape of the working curtain wall".Various polyhedron cutting and multi-viewpoint matching technologies always make people unforgettable about their curtain walls.
  New energy-saving hardware doors and windows are needed in the future
  Hardware building and decoration need to be environmentally friendly and low-carbon,and energy saving has become an inevitable trend
  Nowadays,the personality of building decoration is more and more diverse,and the original color of profiles is difficult to meet the needs of consumers,and colorful profiles emerge as the times require.Whether it is plastic doors and windows,aluminum doors and windows or wooden doors and windows,composite doors and windows,the demand for colorful goods is significantly more prosperous.The colorful wood grain doors and windows with rich and varied patterns are lined with elegant and bright glass doors,and the cold and rigid"face"becomes beautiful.The person in charge of a door and window said that the wood grain is sprayed with paint,and the color is changeable,"what color you want."
  Curtain wall materials are no longer limited to the use of aluminum alloys,and more materials that can meet the requirements of environmental protection and long life have been put into use.Aluminum alloy door and window systems use aluminum alloy colorful profiles and steel-plastic co-extruded colorful profiles,which not only have outstanding energy saving,heat insulation,etc.,thermal insulation,shockproof,sound insulation functions,and beautiful atmosphere,can express the characteristics of the building.
  Recently,at the construction site of a real estate project in Xiangfan,I saw that commercial buildings are under construction.On the action map,the colors of the buildings are very obvious,with golden eaves and silver-white wall skirts...And the curtain wall itself has become the fashion of Xiangfan urban area.Target.Curtain walls that can meet many needs such as weather resistance,water tightness,shock resistance,etc.are used continuously every day.In the meantime,curtain walls with significant low-carbon effects,such as double-layer curtain walls that can reduce energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions,have become a trend.The demand for the quality of the building itself and the pursuit of high-quality products have continuously improved the productivity of the door,window and curtain wall industry.Manufacturers should always consider shopping malls and develop products from the perspective of customers,complete modular and consistent mass production,and produce high-quality products at real prices and provide them to customers.Only in this way can they stay ahead of the times.On the contrary,manufacturers with low cost and no waiting for new challenges will be naturally selected.Related materials show that among many completed buildings in China,more than 97%are high-energy-consuming buildings.Based on this calculation,it is estimated that by 2020,the area of​​high-energy-consuming buildings across the country will reach 70 billion square meters.Therefore,if we do not pay attention to building energy-saving design,it will directly aggravate China's energy crisis.At present,of the more than 40 billion square meters of existing buildings in China,more than 90%are high-energy-consuming buildings.In buildings with high energy consumption,the energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for nearly half.As industry insiders analyzed,the key to building energy-saving is the energy-saving of doors and windows.Therefore,the use of new energy-saving doors and windows and curtain walls,and the energy-saving renovation of existing doors and windows and curtain walls,the objective needs of the energy situation will also become an inevitable trend for the development of the entire market.