The future development of aluminum alloy doors, windows and curtain walls


  With the rapid development of my country's construction industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards,aluminum alloy doors,windows and curtain walls have been widely recognized as an important organic part of buildings.According to statistics,the area of​​doors,windows and curtain walls completed every year in my country is more than 15 million square meters.The standards and varieties of commodities are also increasing,the grades are continuously improved,and the skill content is gradually strengthened.It should be said that the door,window and curtain wall industry has brought a new atmosphere to the construction industry..
  Looking back at the development of aluminum alloy doors and windows and curtain walls,it is not difficult to find that,first of all,aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls are actually an extension of aluminum profiles and aluminum extrusion products.At present,most aluminum profile factories in my country have directly entered the production field of aluminum doors,windows and curtain walls.,After the gradual elimination of shopping malls,some companies have become the main force in the production of aluminum doors,windows and curtain walls.
  Secondly,with the in-depth development of the division of labor in the construction and decoration industry,professional companies specializing in the production of aluminum alloy doors,windows and curtain walls have been separated from the construction industry and the hardware processing industry,and have become the main force of the industry.Such companies cover the whole process of skill development,design,fabrication and installation of aluminum doors,windows and curtain walls,and to a large extent directly extend to the field of building construction.
  Thirdly,some glass production and processing companies have also entered the industrial field of aluminum alloy doors,windows and curtain walls.At the same time,there are a considerable number of"shop processing factories"active in shopping malls with aluminum doors,windows and curtain walls.Because of the small scale of such processing plants,uneven processing skills and quality,and low level of construction and installation,it will have a certain impact on the entire industry.However,because of its flexible operation,it can become a supplement to the shopping mall.
  Experts pointed out that because the market supply and demand,quality,skill level,and price fluctuation of the entire aluminum alloy door and window curtain wall industry depend on the first three types of companies,from a macro perspective,the current domestic aluminum door and window curtain wall industry is mainly Has the following characteristics.
  (1)The degree of professional sophistication has been continuously improved,and the competition has become increasingly fierce.Compared with other industrial kneading profile products,because the standards of aluminum doors,windows and curtain walls are relatively fixed,and the requirements for precision and strength are not particularly high,the processing skills of aluminum kneading profile factories have been quite mature,and the difference of products has gradually narrowed,resulting in The competition is extremely fierce.Judging from the production capacity of aluminum profile factories in the past two years,the overall idle rate of equipment is around 40%to 50%.
  (2)Because of the large volume of aluminum doors,windows and curtain walls,the long process of product formation,and the impact of transportation costs and tariffs,aluminum doors,windows and curtain wall shopping malls are basically regional shopping malls,and more than 90%of domestic companies'operations and products are Guided by domestic shopping malls,international shopping malls will become a space for future development.
  (3)From the specific situation of the industrial chain,it can be seen that the relationship between the upper,middle and lower levels of the aluminum alloy door,window and curtain wall industry is relatively simple.The rise and fall of the industry is completely dependent on the construction industry,and the risks of its shopping malls are basically concentrated in the specific downstream.industry.It can be seen that it is important for domestic manufacturers to establish extensive marketing channels in the construction industry.In addition,the development of aluminum industry(aluminum profile,aluminum plate)and glass industry will directly restrict the production cost.Therefore,the risk of the entire production and operation is quite concentrated.
  (4)There are relatively few restrictions on commodity development.From the perspective of the metal products industry,aluminum doors,windows and curtain walls belong to consumer goods,unlike the parts or accessories of commodities,which are determined by customers;aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall companies only need to know the potential needs of consumers'quality of life.,accessories or production for research and development,so that many improved forms or new aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls can be created.Therefore,the innovation of products and technologies has a lot of space in the field of aluminum doors,windows and curtain walls,and is also the focus of the competition.
  (5)Foreign aluminum alloy door,window and curtain wall manufacturers joined the competition very early.Because the extrusion industry of aluminum profiles has long joined the competition of international shopping malls,and standardized curtain walls are also introduced from abroad.In recent years,with the vigorous development of my country's construction industry,many strong players in foreign industries have entered the Chinese market one after another.More sophistication has brought new skills and management models to the entire industry,which is very beneficial to the further improvement of shopping malls.
  (6)The competition with the profession is serious,the advance is astonishing,and the receivables are large,which affects the development.Although the construction department has repeatedly told me not to advance funds or default,but because of the strict competition in the market,the financing system is not perfect,and the company's strength is relatively small.implicated.Successful financing can relatively improve the company's market competitiveness.In addition,the disorderly competition in shopping malls is also quite fierce,so that the overall industrial management level cannot be improved.
  Experts pointed out that according to the national development plan,the construction industry has become a consumption hotspot and economic growth point in my country for a long time,providing a broad market for the development of my country's aluminum door,window and curtain wall industry.