New energy-saving hardware doors and windows will be needed in the future


  In the next 30 years,4 billion square meters of new buildings will be built.Businessmen of doors,windows and curtain walls began to pay attention to the needs of consumers,major changes in innovative thinking,trying to keep up with walls and even creating popular consumption,energy saving has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,market hotspots,energy-saving door and window curtain wall products,such as aluminum-wood composite doors,solid wood doors And windows,system doors and windows,Low-E glass,etc.,are increasingly being well received by local consumers and dealers.
  The unchanging and rigid space has quietly declined,consumers are no longer satisfied with an ordinary space,even rigid and rigorous work content requires a rather relaxed and colorful environment support.The dull,dark walls gradually ended,and the diversified bright colors of white,yellow,blue,green,red,etc.became the mainstream.In order to meet the main force of white-collar workers after the 80th group,more and more brands are beginning to seek to break through the wall.For example,some manufacturers began to move their brains on the wall to"change the shape of the office wall",and the process of various polyhedron cutting and multi-angle matching people is always difficult to forget.New energy-saving hardware requirements for windows and doors on the wall in the future Hardware construction transformation has become an inevitable trend,low-carbon,environmental protection,and energy-saving needs.Nowadays,more and more buildings with various decoration styles,the original color profile is difficult to meet the needs of consumers,and colored profiles appear.Whether it is plastic doors and windows,aluminum alloy doors and windows and windows or solid wood doors,composite doors,the demand for colored products is significantly more prosperous.Colored wood surface discoloration color wood lacquered aluminum alloy windows and doors have now become a popular fashion.The rich and diverse color and style color wood windows and doors are lined with elegant and beautiful glass doors,and the rigidity and rigidity become a beautiful"face".An official said that the doors,windows,and wood use spray paint effects,and the colors are changeable."What color do you want."
  It is no longer limited to the aluminum used in wall materials,but also other materials that can meet the requirements of environmental protection,long life and put into use.,heat,vibration,noise performance,and the beautiful atmosphere that embodies the character's construction.Recently,the construction site of the Xiangfan real estate project saw that many commercial buildings are under construction.The renderings,the building colors are very bright,the golden cornices,the wall skirts...and the silver curtain Xiangfan city itself has become a fashion index.Able to meet the constant application of weather resistance,water tightness,impact resistance,and many other daily needs of walls.Among them,it can reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide excretion and the carbon effect of double curtain wall curtain wall is remarkable,which has become a popular trend.
  Building itself,the pursuit of high-quality products,so that the productivity of the door,window and curtain wall industry continues to improve the quality requirements.Manufacturers should always develop products for customers and the market,and use it to produce high-quality products and provide them to customers,so that they can always stay ahead of the times with modular and unified mass production in terms of price.In contrast,manufacturers with insufficient capital strength and no war to meet new challenges will be eliminated.
  Relevant data show that more than 97%of buildings in my country are high-energy-consuming buildings.On this basis,it is estimated that by 2020,the national high-energy-consuming building area will reach 7 billion square meters.Therefore,if we do not focus on building energy-efficient design,it will directly increase our energy crisis.At present,more than 90%of the existing buildings of more than 40 billion square meters in China are high-energy-consuming buildings.In high-energy buildings,doors and windows account for nearly half of the energy.Luo Baihui,chief analyst of Jinmo.com,believes that building energy saving is the key to energy-saving doors and windows.The use of new energy-saving windows and door curtain walls has not only the objective requirements of building energy saving and energy situation,but walls and windows will also become an inevitable trend of development.