Aluminum prices continue to rise, the "spring" of the aluminum market is coming?


  For a long time,overcapacity and weak demand have almost become synonymous with aluminum,and many investors have been discouraged by its own fundamentals,but the"spring"of the aluminum market seems to be coming.Analysts pointed out that since the beginning of the year,the Indonesian government has issued a ban on the export of raw ore,which has led to a sharp drop in China's imports of bauxite from Indonesia,which has made the market worried about the supply of bauxite and boosted prices.
  For global aluminum producers,the current outlook for the aluminum market is the most optimistic in years.Taking Rusal as an example,it turned a profit for the first time in five quarters in the second quarter.
  After RUSAL shut down some of its own production capacity,production fell by 11%in the first half of this year,and the company predicted a global supply shortage of 1.5 million tons in 2014.According to the latest survey,among the 14 analysts who made an assessment of the supply and demand surplus in the market this year,four predicted a supply shortage,and the number of analysts forecasting a shortage in 2015 increased to nearly half.
  In terms of price difference structure comparison,aluminum is still in a state of strong spot fund guidance,and the Shanghai aluminum position structure has also begun to turn more.
  Some analysts also pointed out that the overall fundamentals of the aluminum market are still not optimistic.In the short term,due to the sudden accident of Xinfa Aluminum Industry in Xinjiang,the production capacity has been affected,and the regulators are discussing rectifying production capacity.