The door and window industry has entered the era of integrated marketing mode


  In the first half of 2014,China's real estate market continued to decline,which affected the development of door and window enterprises to a certain extent.Rising costs,homogeneous products and frequent price wars have caused many door and window companies to fall into a"downturn".On the whole,the growth rate of the home furnishing market has slowed down,and some small enterprises or companies with low competitiveness have withdrawn from the market.In the past few years,the sales of the home furnishing market have grown rapidly,but this year,some problems and difficulties may have been encountered more or less,and the"good days"of the home furnishing industry have passed.It can be seen that in the face of the sluggish market,door and window companies have to start with marketing strategies,seek innovation and seek breakthroughs.
  In the current market environment,the competition of enterprises is marketing and service,rather than brand building.Each enterprise will formulate a marketing rhythm according to its own business conditions.On the whole,door and window enterprises cannot lack marketing,and at the same time,they cannot over-marketing.If the door and window enterprise falls into the circle of"no promotion and no sale",it will be detrimental to the industry in the long run.Any brand must have confidence in its own products.Once the effect of marketing is amplified,the ups and downs of commodity prices will endanger integrity management.Marketing methods such as blasting and alliances will bring benefits in the short term,but the result of water storage,the final benefits are not very high.It is okay to vigorously promote out-of-season and low-profit products,but it cannot be used as a long-term mechanism.In addition,a good brand should not produce"engineered version","online version",etc.,which is a disservice to the brand.
  Internet Marketing.With the continuous popularity of the Internet and the rapid growth of the audience's information needs,more and more door and window companies have begun to get involved in e-commerce and network marketing.Compared with selling directly on the Internet,using the power of netizens to transmit the brand is more favored by enterprises.Whether using emergencies to hype or use Weibo to spread brand information,door and window companies are constantly trying.
  H.Advertising marketing has always attracted the attention of people from all walks of life.Obviously,as a door and window company that relies on its brand image to stand in the industry,it must be closely linked with advertising.Many large door and window brands have never hesitated to invest in advertising.
  Therefore,in today's extremely developed information transmission,the new marketing model has occupied a pivotal position.Counting the changes in the marketing methods of the door and window industry,every progress represents a great leap in the door and window industry's marketing model.The marketing road of the door and window industry is bound to go further and further,and new blood will continue to pour in.