Green building materials may start the "green gold decade"


  Since the beginning of the new century,China's building materials industry has made remarkable achievements,which is widely praised as the"Golden Decade"in the industry.And when the prosperity comes to an end,we seem to have come to a crossroads again.
  Overcapacity,smog besieged the city,and the"new normal"of China's economy has brought a big test of the times to the building materials industry.Building materials companies woke up like a dream overnight,and the era of large-scale production that began with reform and opening up has gone away.We can't help but ask how China's building materials industry has created a new"golden decade".
  In fact,there is no need to worry about this issue.
  Back in 2013,the release of the"Green Building Action Plan"triggered a strong earthquake in China's construction and building materials industry.For a time,every cell of China's building materials industry was activated,and the green industry chain began to awaken.We suddenly realized that the departure of the"Golden Decade"is to bring us another"Green and Gold Decade".
  In 2015,we will truly witness the energy of"green gold".
  Can the detailed rules for the evaluation of green building materials be released?
  On May 21,2014,after the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the"Administrative Measures for the Evaluation of Green Building Materials",the reporter visited a number of leaders and experts in the building materials industry.Green building materials work may contact relevant units,such as China Building Materials Science Research Institute,CTC,China Academy of Building Research and other units,to jointly draft the detailed rules of the"Measures for the Management of Evaluation and Labeling of Green Building Materials".
  However,as of the end of 2014,the relevant rules are still"holding the pipa half-covered".
  At present,my country's building materials industry has more than 1,500 national and industrial standards,but none of them have requirements for greenness,but only for performance.
  As we all know,the scientific determination of the weighting coefficient in the evaluation of green building materials is the most critical indicator to reflect the greenness of materials.And each material needs a corresponding green standard.Based on the different components,manufacturing processes and uses of each building material,the green indicators vary.It can be seen that the workload of determining the indicators is huge,and it will take several years for the green building materials work to be launched.
  In 2015,can the detailed rules"begin to come out"?Or,can the"large-scale and wide-ranging"green evaluation standards for materials be released first?
  Recently,a relevant person from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealed that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development have established an inter-ministerial coordination mechanism for the promotion and application of green building materials.At the same time,the two ministries and commissions will formulate the technical requirements for the first batch of green building materials to be promoted,carry out green evaluation work,and release a catalog of green building materials.
  We look forward to publishing the classification methods of green building materials and guidelines for classification evaluation in 2015.At the same time,macro issues such as how to classify green building materials products,how to determine the green indicators of each material after classification,and the refinement of specific product evaluations can also be gradually carried out,pointing out the direction for the development of green building materials enterprises.
  In addition,since the evaluation of greenness is restricted by several indicators,some green contents that cannot be quantified may not be scientifically guaranteed.Therefore,we are also looking forward to the initial formation of a considerable number of expert databases.When evaluating green materials,we will further ensure the scientific nature of material greenness evaluation through expert scoring for the qualitative and quantitative issues of each material.
  Can the construction and materials of the New Deal truly achieve green integration?How can building materials companies"steer the rudder"
  A few days ago,the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued an announcement to approve the"Green Building Evaluation Standard"as a national standard,which will be implemented from January 1,2015.
  According to reports,the new version of"Green Building Evaluation Standards"has"more stringent requirements and more extensive content"than the 2006 version.During the revision process of this standard,the practical experience and research results of my country's green building evaluation in recent years have been summarized,a number of special studies and trial evaluations have been carried out,the experience of relevant foreign advanced standards has been learned,and the opinions of relevant parties have been widely solicited.
  The new version of the"Green Building Evaluation Standards"will further expand the applicable building types from residential buildings in the original"Green Building Evaluation Standards"and office buildings,shopping malls and hotel buildings in public buildings to all major types of civil buildings.In the evaluation stage,the green building evaluation signs are divided into"green building design evaluation signs"and"green building evaluation signs".Operation evaluation adds"construction management"and"operation management"to better cover the entire life cycle of buildings.
  "Stricter and more extensive""means that my country's green building will move towards a"green"that pays more attention to the actual operation effect.For green building materials enterprises,it is both an opportunity and a challenge.
  The new version of the"Green Building Evaluation Standards"means the arrival of a large number of green building materials opportunities,and also brings a new round of green competition,and only truly green,environmentally friendly and practical building materials can occupy a place.