My country's aluminum alloy surface protection technology research work has achieved breakthrough progress


  The Chinese Academy of Sciences has learned that the research on the surface protection technology of aluminum alloys in my country(the entry"aluminum alloy"is provided by the Encyclopedia of the Industry)has made progress.
  This study makes full use of the synergistic effect of aluminum alloy surface topography design and organic protective coating construction to synergize anti-corrosion and wear-resistance,and has a 1+1>2 anti-corrosion and wear-resisting effect;high stability,simple preparation process and good repeatability,The raw materials are cheap and easy to obtain,the cost is low,and the shape of the base material is not limited.
  It is understood that aluminum alloys have low density(the entry"density"is provided by the Encyclopedia of the Industry),high strength(the entry"strength"is provided by the Encyclopedia of the Industry),excellent electrical and thermal conductivity,good plasticity and formability,and easy processing.Widely used in aerospace,military,construction,automobile,ship and other fields.However,aluminum alloys have low hardness,poor wear resistance,and poor corrosion resistance,which limit their application.Therefore,it is necessary to perform special treatment on the surface of the aluminum alloy to form a protective film layer to improve its corrosion resistance and wear resistance.An effective way to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy surface is to prepare a film on its surface,and use the barrier formed by the film between the aluminum alloy substrate and the external environment to effectively protect the aluminum alloy and expand its application range.With the rapid development of modern industry,the surface requirements of aluminum alloys are getting higher and higher,and some aluminum alloy surface treatment technologies with low cost and less pollution,which can meet the requirements of special conditions,will attract great attention.
  It is reported that the Wu Xuedong research team of Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences organically combined chemical etching and chemical modification,and successfully prepared thin films with excellent protective properties on the surface of aluminum alloys.With the increase of etching time,the surface roughness of the sample first increased and then decreased.When the etching time was 2 min,the proportion of micro-nano binary structure on the surface reached the optimum.The aluminum alloy modified by OTS and PFDS has good corrosion resistance,small corrosion current density and high corrosion potential.This is mainly because the film is hydrophobic,which can effectively block the infiltration of water and other corrosive media,so the corrosion resistance is improved.The tribological properties of the OTS-modified samples are also excellent,with a small friction coefficient and negligible wear rate when the etching time is 2 min.This is due to the long chain and non-polar terminal methyl groups in OTS.The existence of the friction effectively disperses the mechanical energy transmitted during the friction process,so the tribological performance has been greatly improved.
  The above research results were published in the Royal Society journal RSC Advance,4(2014)60307-60315,and a national invention patent(20141042642.X)has been applied for.The above research work was supported by the National Key Basic Research and Development"973"Program(2014CB643305),Zhejiang Provincial Innovation Team(2011R50006)and other projects.