A 22-month transition period will be set for the renewal of the qualification certificate of construction enterprises


  According to the"Construction Industry Enterprise Qualification Management Regulations"and the Provincial Housing and Urban-rural Development Department's"Construction Industry Enterprise Qualification Management Regulations and Qualification Standards Implementation Opinions"that have been implemented on March 1,the new construction industry qualification management regulations have been established for a 22-month transition period.During the transition period,enterprises that have obtained construction enterprise qualifications according to the original standards can still contract projects with the original qualifications.
  Regarding the issue of the"transition period",the above-mentioned implementation opinions clearly stated that the transition period is from the date of implementation of the management regulations(March 1,2015)to December 31,2016.Enterprises that have obtained the qualifications of construction enterprises according to the original standards shall,before December 31,2016,renew the new version of the qualification certificates of construction enterprises in accordance with relevant requirements.
  If the enterprise assets,key personnel,and technical equipment meet the requirements of relevant standards,the qualification licensing authority will issue a new version of the construction enterprise qualification certificate,and the certificate is valid for 5 years.From January 1,2017,the old version of the construction enterprise qualification certificate will become invalid on its own.If the assets,main personnel,and technical equipment of the enterprise do not meet the requirements of the"Standard",the corresponding qualification certificate replacement will not be approved.If the application has not been submitted for more than 3 months,apply from the lowest level qualification.
  The Implementation Opinions also pointed out that enterprises should submit all construction enterprise qualification renewal applications at one time in accordance with the"Regulations"licensing procedures,and submit corresponding materials as required.Enterprises can only choose a maximum of 5 categories of professional contracting qualifications for renewal,and other professional contracting qualifications with more than 5 categories can apply for additional qualifications.Enterprises that have obtained construction enterprise qualifications according to the original standards and apply for qualification upgrades(including first-level upgrades and special grades)or qualification additions,which have all construction enterprise qualifications,should apply for qualification replacement at the same time.
  During the transition period,enterprises that have obtained the qualifications of construction enterprises according to the original standards will,in principle,undertake projects in accordance with the contracted project scope of the corresponding qualification categories and grades.
  In addition,the implementation opinions stated that after the implementation of the new regulations,the competent departments of housing and urban-rural development at all levels and other relevant departments should establish credit files for construction enterprises engaged in construction activities,formulate dynamic supervision measures,implement differentiated management according to the integrity of enterprises,and actively Use information technology to supervise and manage construction enterprises.
  For enterprises with violations of laws and regulations,the competent housing and urban-rural development departments at or above the county level where the violations occurred shall investigate and deal with them according to law,notify the qualification licensing authority of the violations,punishment results or handling suggestions,and report them to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.It will be recorded in the credit files of construction enterprises and announced on the national construction market supervision and integrity platform.